I decided to open source a decade-old project I worked on during co-op work terms at University of Guelph. <OpenTag>Presenter is a desktop app that displays presentations using customizable modules. Extra features you won’t find outside Microsoft PowerPoint include embedded LaTeX and Z notation. I built this under guidance of a computer science prof so features focus on requirements for his undergrad lectures.

The app should work in Windows, OS X, and common Linux distributions. Unfortunately it requires ancient builds of Python 2 and Qt 3. QCanvas* classes became deprecated in Qt 4 and Qt3 support classes don’t exist in the latest PyQt distributions. I began porting the codebase from Python 2.2.2 to 3.0 and Qt3 to Qt4 but after two days concluded this was a comprehensive undertaking with little payoff.

The app has no editor implementation. You assemble presentation slides as an XML document along with support files in the same folder. This is similar to constructing a web page. To get a better idea, examples included in the project along with documentation and a post-mortem written by my 21 year old self.

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