Released today was a brand new deathmatch level from Nick Baker entitled “MorbidDM2 – Flood Dead”. Dressed up in some brand spanking new textures, this level certainly does look great, and the gameplay isn’t far behind. 4 ssgs, 4 chainguns, 2 rocket launchers and a lone plasma rifle make this map a great one for three or four player FFAs. Nick has also included some unique structures and architecture such as a pouring waterfall which you can actually swim into for grabbing a plasma rifle. ZDoom effects are persistent through the map including deep swimmable water, spawn spot sprinkles, and an opening script to introduce you to the level. This map is a very worthy level to include in your deathmatch collection! Oh and I also created half the map so you better goddamn download it.

A room
An open sky hallway
Another boring caption