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Over the past year, I have been designing an application for Dr. Stefan C. Kremer called <OpenTag>Presenter. It is a portable program designed to display presentations, with the major advantage over Microsoft PowerPoint and clones being the ability to create your own extensions to add and improve functionality.

The purpose of this write-up is to review the presentation drawing process and discuss its shortcomings in order to understand the improvements needed for higher software quality.

The last two sections are the most important for my discussion. The first two exist simply as a review of what the system is capable of.

  1. Users' Manual - Displays how to use the program and gives an idea what features are available for controlling the display.
  2. Tag Writer's Guide - A very technical document giving the specifications on how to define your own extensions. This is here to give an idea how things can become too complicated when combined with the problems inherit in the renderer. It contains the implementation of two short extensions and one large one which involves LaTeX. If you don't wish to read Python source code, skip this section.
  3. A Simplified 2-D Renderer - This is the main part of the work report. It gives a summary on how I designed the presentation engine and what problems I believe exist in it.
  4. A Better Rendering Solution? - A short description on a design that I think would work better than the implementation I completed over the past two co-op work terms.

Co-op Work Term Report by Derek MacDonald, University of Guelph. May 22, 2003