Sifting through drafts and found this entry from an unpublished top albums of 2011 list:

With the ripping return of 2009’s Planets of Old EP, a reinvigorated Cave In revived their early post-hardcore years to prove elapsed time hadn’t distinguished that fire. For this post-hiatus full-length White Silence, they’ve expanded that template by integrating their past with solo projects undertaken in the interim. “Serpents” roars and punches like Zozobra and eight minute centerpiece “Sing My Loves” chugs and growls ala Old Man Gloom before seguing to an extended outro of Jupiter-esque spiraling-while-twinkling guitars.

The album closes out with three effects-heavy numbers akin to the solo psychedelic pop albums by singer/guitarist Steve Brodsky where his love for later Beatles was plain as day. While it may come across as a schizophrenic affair, all in you get every side of the dice Cave In fans can anticipate.