Even after I move to Australia, Rogers manages to get my ire. Emailed below to their support, likelihood of a proper response…?

My most recent wireless invoice contains billing detail:

Oct 02 Early Cancellation Fee 500MB Data Option 100.00

I was under contract with Rogers wireless May 2008 to May 2011. I purchased an unlocked iPhone4 direct from apple.com and activated Mt. Sinai’s iPhone corporate plan in September 2010. At no point was another time-sensitive service agreement signed or even communicated to me by a CSR.

On top of this assumed contract, the most current billing cycle ends Oct 7 yet this ETF appears Oct 2 while I’m also being invoiced for another period into November due to Rogers’ draconian 30 day notice for cancellation policy. If the iPhone plan is for one year, the cancellation date would fall outside my service time.

When I called in to cancel, at no point did the retentions rep indicate an iPhone plan ETF of $100 would be applied. And I’m traveling in Australia now and won’t be calling again using international long distance to clear this up.