Like last year, I tracked my plate appearances for my softball team.

Spring: Multitards, 7-1 for 1st
May 11 won 23-17, 7-7, 2B, 3B
May 18 won 21-8, 5-5, 2B, HR
May 25 won 33-14, didn’t play (sick)
June 1 won 28-13, didn’t play (TTC subway delay due to St. George Stn. police investigation)
June 8 lost 21-8, 2-5 (warning track FO with the bases juiced was disappointing)
June 15 won 15-14, didn’t play (Thrice concert!)
June 12 won 8-7, 1-2, SF
June 29 won 16-15, 5-5, 3B (pitched my teammate the hit that was the winning RBI in top 8th)
AVG 0.833 (20-24), SLG 1.208

I didn’t end up playing the summer session because games were Monday nights which interfered with my Aussie Rules Football team’s training at Cherry Beach. Then for autumn, our team (named Catch the Taste!) forfeited half our games due to lack of numbers and for the other half I was either out of town or too damned hungover to make it. Mid-afternoon Sunday leagues played in seasonally-deteriorating weather are just not a cool idea. But I did fill in a for a couple friends with spot starts:

June 13 for Kieno’s team, won 10-9, 2-3, 2B, GW 1B
June 17 for Zeff’s team, lost 15-9, 3-4, 2B
Aug 8 for Kieno’s team, lost 16-6, 1-3, BB

My commitment to hard hit grounders between SS/3B or liners to shallow outfield paid dividends in keeping my on-base percentage on the up-and-up. Here’s to hoping a free evening schedule in 2011 will allow me to keep this momentum going against my age’s grain.