I can’t help but compare Retribution Gospel Choir’s new album 2 with recent Constantines, song titles “Workin’ Hard” vs. “Working Full-Time” aside. They’ve extended past the Low covers found on their debut, going for more bombast with a few sonic twists like an ever-present banjo in “White Wolf”. There’s noisy blues rock going on with snappy hooks in “Hide It Away” (above) and “Workin’ Hard” along with a few Low-isms, like the outro vocal harmonies of “Poor Man’s Daughter”. An under 34 minute runtime with eight “real” songs is more EP length but it feels just right with the variations in song duration and tempo. Besides, you get to hear Alan Sparhawk rock out with his unique voice; a bit more tender than ever-present life-weariness represented by the Constantines’ Bryan Webb.