I had this video loaded for three nights until finally completing all 76 minutes. Such is my life. Lazy list view:

  • If you work on a computer, always have a second monitor. Within a month, productivity increases pass the cost of a < $200 screen which is why I never understood my past employers forcing a single setup on me, even if it’s a 22″ widescreen.
  • I can say many of my university essays back in the day fell into quadrant 3 under “due soon” and “not important”. Damned relative values always get in the way, but I maintained my honours average!
  • The current reality of customer service: “Your call is extremely important to us. Watch while my actions are cognitively dissonant from my words.”
  • “When you have a meeting, lock the door, unplug the phone, and take everyone’s Blackberries.” Highlights the reason projects using a SCRUM methodology has daily meetings less than 15 minutes while standing up.
  • And WTF to the camera staying on the blond at ~1:06:15 for what felt like 30 seconds.