I’m digging Portishead’s transition to krautrock with haunting vocals, as motivated by producer Geoff Barrow’s newfound inspiration in the past few years. This is their new song, “Chase the Tear”, released to raise funds for Amnesty International.

Omar A. Rodriguez-López

Pitchfork seems to praise Xenophanes by prolific producer Omar A. Rodriguez-López but then slams down a 5.7/10 and pretty much claims, “It’s not fucking At the Drive-In”. They have their hate on for The Mars Volta (which even the review recognizes) but that rating is bogus when Dirty Projectors get a 9.2. Suck on my cultural relativism.

A Silver Mt. Zion

So offset the hate-train, Thee Silver Mt. Zion Memorial Orchestra have a preview of new song “Bury 3 Dynamos”, complimented by a hilarious faux FAQ. They seem to be working more toward heavy blues-inspired rock.