The Twilight Sad

Some thoughts on last night’s The Twilight Sad show in Toronto:

  • Venue was a dudefest. There was a line-up for the men’s urinals and an empty ladies washroom. I have only seen this at large-scale sporting events.
  • The bartenders kept giving me a handful of change expecting me to tip them higher. When I give you a $10 bill for a $5.25 bottled beer, don’t hand me 3 quarters and 4 loonies. That means I will tip you even less. $0.75 for you.
  • I was slightly right of centre six people back and could barely hear the lead guitarist Andy MacFarlane positioned to the left. Of course, it was because the amps were stacked behind him for controlled feedback but there should’ve been something mic’d so the whole crowd could get a better mix. His wailing is their signature sound!
  • They played for about an hour with no encore. Who are you? Tool? I don’t believe their set was any longer than when they opened for Mogwai back in May.
  • Their bassist may be a robot.
  • Love the live interpretation of Fourteen Autumns and Fifteen Winters’ first song “Cold Days From the Birdhouse” instead having an a capella intro.
  • Fellow Scots We Were Promised Jetpacks are pretty awesome. Glad I accidentally arrived early enough to catch their set.

All points aside, solid show with much love around.