Last Thursday through Monday, I flew down with my Torontonian Australian Rules Football team for a weekend partyfest.

  • It was bizarre seeing how segregated the workforce was between white people and minorities. The cleaning staff at my hotel just stared at us like lost puppies when we made a request.
  • We sneaked onto UT Longhorn’s playing field. (photo)
  • Next day some of us watched a UT women’s volleyball game vs. Colorado. I felt like I was watching a cult ceremony. For volleyball. (photo)
  • Avoid 6th street.
  • Gingerman needs a Toronto location.
  • Properly tried bourbon for the first time at Club DeVille. Still prefer rye.
  • Saw White Denim at Mohawk.
  • Followed up with Future of the Left at Beauty Bar. Don’t remember a thing because they didn’t go on until 1AM.
  • Both of the above bands are in Toronto next week, but I couldn’t get a ticket to the sold out Built to Spill/Dinosaur Jr. gig!
  • I have no SMS history between 2:20AM and 3:44AM on Saturday. The 3:44AM message seems to indicate I met people. Don’t have a dozen drinks starting at 2PM when you weigh less than 150lbs.
  • Aussie’s Grill and Beach Bar was the location of the first time I ever witnessed someone skol a margarita.
  • 16oz. ribeye at Austin Land & Cattle Co. was excellent even if my stomach wouldn’t let me finish.
  • Coyote Ugly on 6th was likely the most embarrassed lately I’ve felt for another human being. I felt less so after witnessing the amount of money milked from my group from those bartenders. Faux-lesbianism while feeding cheap beer followed by expensive shots is business savvy right there. They called me McLovin’ but were too dense to notice I walked out without paying for three drinks.
  • Didn’t find the time to eat proper Mexican or Texan BBQ, but did hit some late night Kebabalicious.

After four nights, I don’t think I got the full Austin, Texas experience.