Kenny Powers Dance

I guess Microsoft’s sad attempt at playing catch-up on the social media game led them to start pushing Messenger status updates on their rarely-visited Windows Live user profiles in order to force an activity feed that nobody will follow. No biggie, except by default they’re published to anyone. Given my tendency to use this space to showcase noteworthy quotes from media I intake, it was an inevitable outcome that yesterday I received this email from AGM:

I don’t know what is going on but I keep getting these notes that I think you are writing ex: “Listen here, you beautiful bitch, I’m about to fuck you up with some truth”. Is this you writing like this?

First off, LOL. Secondly, I guess the love of Kenny Powers’ ironic offensiveness hasn’t hit critical mass.

Finally, I guess Windows Live’s web site shows your status updates on its dashboard to anyone that has you in their address book. So my mother has likely been seeing these meant-to-be-somewhat-hidden phrases for months now. This includes such via-pop-culture one-liners, “Your back is going to look like a Jackson Pollock”, “A man walks into a bar. His alcohol dependency is destroying his family”, and “Work the pipe, swallow the gravy”. These may have been a bit too subtle.

Now make sure to go into Profile » Permissions » Personal message and lock that shit up!