Given my propensity for procrastination and petty pretentiousness, my alliterate self sometimes take its sweet time when it comes to taking in media that has long ago hit critical mass, such as the case with Deus Ex. While its namesake cues intercourse jokes amongst the intercourseless demographic, this super fucking subversive action FPS/RPG title was created by the niche of Ion Storm the unwashed (literally) gaming hardcores really can’t hate (well, aside from the sequel.)

Much like setting up Rune, I had to install Deus Ex OpenGL drivers, which includes editing the deusex.ini for all the OpenGL settings (Google it). If you’re feeling ambitious, you can instead attempt the experimental bumpmapping-enhanced renderer. Make sure to also update the game files to the v1.112fm patch.

Similar to what is available for System Shock 2, I decided to install the Deus Ex High Definition Texture Pack.

On startup, I was greeted with the fatal exception:

Failed to enter: DX.dx

I noticed there were two files named “C:\Program” and “C:\Program.ini” containing Deus Ex configurations that were both created when I attempt to run the Deux Ex HDTP shortcut. Since the default install is C:\DeusEx, I suspected idiocy was abound and was rapidly proven correct. It seems the HDTP mod team wasn’t privy to the fact that paths in Windows releases from the past decade can have spaces. So edit the shortcut:

“C:\Program Files\Deus Ex\System\HDTP.exe” INI=C:\Program Files\Deus Ex\System\HDTP.ini USERINI=C:\Program Files\Deus Ex\System\HDTPUser.ini log=HDTP.log


“C:\Program Files\Deus Ex\System\HDTP.exe” INI=”C:\Program Files\Deus Ex\System\HDTP.ini” USERINI=”C:\Program Files\Deus Ex\System\HDTPUser.ini” log=HDTP.log

I installed this game last December and have thus far only reached the halfway point of the second level. So today it was uninstalled. I have decided there is no way I will ever develop an attention span to plow through an RPG, even if it’s a shooter for the PC. You thought this was a review, didn’t you?