Sony Ericsson K850i

After almost six months with a Sony Ericsson K850i, offered through Rogers Wireless in Canada, I thought it was about time to make some comments on its use since my critique should be worth its weight in gold. Isn’t that the only commodity that will keep its value through the oncoming recession?

Let’s go straight for shortcomings. To load ringtunes on the device, you must run the DRM Packager on your MP3s to wrap encryption for recognizing sound clips in the file system. I use the 24 CTU office ring because I’m a dork that pretends the last two seasons don’t exist. This is only exercised at home since I get twitchy when imbeciles molest the general public’s ears via ringtones. Instead I use vibrate, but I’m a dude that doesn’t rock out to tight-ass hipster jeans so I only actually feel the vibrate about half of the time. This is an issue since I don’t have caller ID or voicemail on my service because every Canadian telecom rips off its customers. I will have to pay more than $10 just to get these simple features that are included with almost every European and American provider. Rogers, suckle my sweaty choda.

For pocket room, the device isn’t a flip and a bit on the bulky side since it’s also a higher-end camera. I could even say that it’s thicker than Sarah Palin – HEYO! You also should be sure to lock the screen before sliding it into a pocket because the limited touch screen has a habit of going into video mode to enter battery-drain city. Since it’s a 3G phone, that’s already an issue and I have to charge it about every second day, even with minimal usage. The earpiece has a very precise point to listen from and it’s pretty terrible in a little bit of wind or on a bus/train. Even though I’ve never once dropped it, the battery has a habit of coming loose when pushed into my pocket or placed on a table. The buttons are small for text messaging.

The chief selling point of the device is the upper-end resolution of its camera. It’s 5 megapixel but the zoom has zero purpose since everything turns into a pixelated mess. The flash only syncs properly with the phone about half the time so night-time is a wash for your Facebook galleries of damn-I-think-we’re-still-drunk-so-let’s-immortalize-it. From my Flickr account (go search for it), you can see the panoramas it captures aren’t too shabby for a cameraphone. Woah, a compliment!

I haven’t tried video calling or Bluetooth since they’re only for greasy weasels.

In summary, even expensive mobile phones are rubbish. Serenity now.