Reference: Eternal DOOM IV: Return from Oblivion

Visit the Doom textures resource, download at least half of the sets. Attach them to the Eternal Doom resources. Open your level editor and add the follow:

  • respawning enemy gate to artificially elongate the level
  • doors that cannot be opened, ever
  • dead ends
  • obscure hidden switches (shooting dead bodies!)
  • teleporters as a layout crutch
  • long square hallways as a pointless exercise in connecting symmetrical rooms
  • random symbolism (Christian and pagan imagery within the same room? No problem!)
  • random architecture (we can now utilize slopes, so let’s make arbitrary use of them!)

Ensure to apply in excess so the final product is a tedious mess of non-fun sequences. Espi‘s MAP27 “The Shrine” excepted.