Click the below image to follow along with this exercise in comedy (Lightbox 2 is hotness, yeah?)

Dangerous Dave in 'Copyright Infringement'

  • Showcase your customized graphics by performing copyright infringement of a well-known character.
  • Representing said character in a degrading light.
  • Wordperfect Art header text, 1993-style.
  • The print quality of the flyer looked to be sourced from a dot-matrix printer, 1993-style.
  • That bubble typeface… is that… Comic Sans?
  • Completely random selection of other fonts.
  • At least he knew to put the Spiderman bubble above the character. Why is the rest of the text positioned where it is?
  • You should learn about communication before advertising as a business specializing in communications.
  • LOL

By the way, this guy is competition to my employer. Well, according to geography, anyway.