I posted this in a thread on Batter’s Box but thought I’d add it here too.

  1. Ranking of each division

    • AL East:

      1. Toronto
      2. New York Yankees
      3. Boston
      4. Baltimore
      5. Tampa Bay
    • AL Central:

      1. Cleveland
      2. Detroit
      3. Minnesota
      4. Chicago White Sox
      5. Kansas City
    • AL West:

      1. Texas
      2. Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim
      3. Oakland
      4. Seattle
    • NL East:

      1. Philadelphia
      2. New York Mets
      3. Atlanta
      4. Florida
      5. Washington
    • NL Central:

      1. St. Louis
      2. Chicago Cubs
      3. Cincinnatti
      4. Milwaukee
      5. Houston
      6. Pittsburgh
    • NL West:

      1. Los Angeles Dodgers
      2. San Diego
      3. Arizona
      4. San Francisco
      5. Colorado
  2. Wildcard: Detroit and New York Mets
  3. League Champs: Cleveland and St. Louis
  4. World Series Champs: Cleveland
  5. MVP: A-Rod and Pujols
  6. Cy Young: Rich Harden and Chris Carpenter
  7. Rookie of the Year: Daisuke Matsuzaka and Chris Young
  8. Number of innings Josh Tower will pitch: 53IP

I also again entered a fantasy baseball pool with some online nerds through Yahoo’s free service. Last year I finished 9th out of 10 teams despite having a strong offensive showing. This was mostly due to injuries from my pitching (Harden + Burnett = sadness). This year I was hoping to improve but 15 teams in the compeition dilutes the drafting field. I had pre-ranked about 20 players for the draft thinking I would complete it later and then show up for the live draft to ensure I got my talent. However, I ended up completely forgetting and my picks were autodrafted by the Yahoo system. I ended up only getting 5 of my pre-ranked players, which made by pitching strong, but my offense looks like the Kansas City Royals. Maybe next year.