1. Canadians are so friendly because they must stay close together to keep warm and survive winter’s harsh temperatures.
  2. I wish I was a sports writer so I could spend my whole day writing dad puns, such as “Power Rangers” (LOL, New York Rangers) and “Blue Crush” (LOL, St. Louis Blues).
  3. I Mother Earth’s web site and forums have been down for more than a month. When an online community I take part in goes down, a little part of me dies. It may be a part that should die anyway.
  4. Two weeks ago I had my hair cut in a mullet for a day. My cousin took pictures but I’m too lazy to retrieve them. Just assume that the result involved a: thumb, index finger, pinky finger.

MLB Fantasy 2006

Now that we have the pointless thoughts out of the way, I can relay news that I just completed selections for my Yahoo! Baseball Fantasy League draft. My team follows:

Position Player Team
C Joe Mauer Minnesota Twins
1B Carlos Delgado New York Mets
2B Jorge Cantú Tampa Bay Devil Rays
3B Adrián Beltré Seattle Mariners
SS Michael Young Texas Rangers
OF Vernon Wells Toronto Blue Jays
OF Ken Griffey Jr. Cincinnati Reds
OF Nick Swisher Oakland A’s
Util Lyle Overbay Toronto Blue Jays
Util Felipe López Cincinnati Reds
BN Kenji Johjima Seattle Mariners
BN Justin Morneau Minnesota Twins
BN Wily Mo Peña Cincinnati Reds
BN Mike Sweeney Kansas City Royals
SP A.J. Burnett Toronto Blue Jays
SP Eric Bedard Baltimore Orioles
RP B.J. Ryan Toronto Blue Jays
RP Danys Báez Los Angeles Dodgers
P Ryan Dempster Chicago Cubs
P Bob Wickman Cleveland Indians
P Shawn Chacón New York Yankees
BN Dustin Hermanson Chicago White Sox

The draft gives the option of pre-ranking players and having the Yahoo! system automatically choose your selections or you could enter the Java applet live draft and select players one by one with the other participants. Unfortunately, I got to the live draft 30 minutes late and 9 rounds in and many of my pre-rank options were gone so Yahoo had taken the joy of assigning me Alex Rios which was a WTF. I’ve since fixed that glitch, adding Mike Sweeney as a bench player I could swap in if Overbay fails it.

I consider my pitching being weak and my position players have some uncertainty involved. Nick Swisher hit for a poor average in his rookie season, so I’m banking on him improving as a sophomore. Griffey better not get effin’ injured again and Beltré should definitely improve from his relatively disastrous introduction to the American League last year.

Another glaring point are my selections being predominately related to Canada. Many of my selections ended up being current Jays (Wells, Overbay, Burnett, Ryan), former members of the organization (Delgado, Young, Lopez), or were Canadian citizens (Morneau, Bedard, Dempster). Stand on guard or die, motherfuckers.