A few new downloads:

  • Jägermörder 02: Terra Nova v1.2, now runs with PrBoom-Plus and has some texture misalignments fixed. I also removed some cell ammo near the end to make the Cyberdemon battle a bit more difficult. At least you can now record demos for this level with a port that actually feels like Doom.
  • Horizontal Spinning Fan in Doom, a tech demo level I made in 1999 that displays how to make a fan using animated textures, similar to the waving flag effect found near the end of Batman Doom. You can also see this demonstrated in one of my Surge DM 2 maps.
  • Deadly Simplified v1.3, an update to my Doom II MAP07 deathmatch tribute that adds more detail and fixes some texture alignments. I had forgotten to upload it to /idgames for its initial release but now it’s there to prepare for the inevitable fact that doomworld.com will not always be around.

Crucified Dreams? It’s finished except for Jon_R’s MAP04. The full web site should be back up soon as I’m right now in the middle of changing around the layout and retaking screenshots. Early 2006, babies.

I have also redone this site’s code switching from tables to proper XHTML 1.0/CSS so future redesigns should be made much easier. Mad props to Manc and various Shackers for helping out with my layout ineptitude.