G:\games\doom2\utils> deutex -usedtex g:\games\doom2\cd\crudream.wad | sort > g:\games\doom2\cd\usedtex.txt


DeuTex V3.6 Copyright (c)1994 Olivier Montanuy (montanuy@dmi.ens.fr)

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Doom directory is g:\games\doom2
listing texture used in the levels of g:\games\doom2\cd\crudream.wad
Reading WAD g:\games\doom2\cd\crudream.wad: (1405 entries)

Checking LEVEL MAP01
Checking LEVEL MAP02
Checking LEVEL MAP03
Checking LEVEL MAP05
Checking LEVEL MAP06

Error: *** Out of memory (Needed 388110 bytes) ***

I have 384mb RAM, dude. Stop the hate.