My intramural hockey team’s record is now 0-4. In chronological order, we’ve lost 3-2, 5-3, 8-1, and 6-0. It didn’t help that we’d been rolling three lines for the first three games and then for the fourth there was only eight of us. We held our own for the first period but by the end of the game our legs fell out and the opposing team pulled away. I’m also still not fully comfortable on the ice. i.e., seeing possible plays and being able to stick handle around guys. I used to be a hot dog back in pee-wee so I thought playing in a non-contact league now would be no problem. I guess I’ll just have to practice a bit more, maybe play some rec hockey on Tues/Thurs afternoon.

But wait! I’m behind in two out of my five classes, chemistry and calculus. I know my GPA this semester will be a disaster (distributed systems and symbolic logic should somewhat even it out), but my overall GPA won’t be affected much at all since I’ve already taken so many classes. Score!

I’m enjoying how most of the hits I get to this site are people searching Google for “cunt” or “hymen”. But no, they just get the journal of a plain white boy. Maybe you people should buy some British medical texts.

New Juno Reactor is very good. Download it! Buy it!