• High playability
  • Detailing and realistic environments
  • Enhanced architecture compared to the original maps
  • No wall obstructions found in most detailed deathmatch sets
  • Various themes, covering both futuristic and Gothic
  • New textures
  • Item placement which promotes movement throughout each level
  • Support for all limit removing ports (including JDoom)

Differences from Original Maps:

  • Changed item placements
  • Added architecture
  • Fixed visual glitches
  • Add level intermission graphics
  • Improved textures
  • Improved support for various ports, including ZDoom (i.e., tall skies)

Release Date: January 2001

SacrificeDM 01: Blood on the River outdoors
SacrificeDM 02: Bringer of Death light fixtures
SacrificeDM 02: Bringer of Death crates
SacrificeDM 03: Shedding Skin tall windows
SacrificeDM 03: Shedding Skin new exit
SacrificeDM 04: Transmission blue
SacrificeDM 04: Transmission red
SacrificeDM 05: Four Sticks
SacrificeDM 06: The Mark Has Been Made open
SacrificeDM 06: The Mark Has Been Made ceiling detail