This deathmatch map acts as a preview for Kristian Aro’s upcoming Doom II partial conversion, The Brotherhood of Ruin. The level is dressed up with textures straight out of Raven Software’s Hexen 2 and contains four main areas connected by narrow hallways.

For the most part gameplay is quite linear with rarely more than one direction to go. The map contains odd item placement including only one shotgun, one chaingun, 4 SSGs (with 3 of them close to each other) and two rocket launchers, one only available if you by chance happen to respawn adjacent to it. Another problem is a narrow staircase exiting the main indoor area where you will hit your head off the ceiling while running down. Very annoying for player movement in deathmatch.

Visually, the map is quite beautiful. The Hexen 2 textures have converted to the Doom palette quite nicely with most of the map tinted light brown. Unfortunately, one texture was left unedited with an ugly light blue colour on it seeming out of place. Also, the hinges of the exit door are not lower unpegged, making it seem unrealistic. There are nice additions to the map including Boom colourmaps along with added friction of water and lava.

Lighting is well done in the level with a mix of pulsing lights from torches and smoothed lighting emitted from various sources including the bright red/orange sky. A hallway near the shotgun had a sector lighting error which had lighting coming out of the wall which looked like Kristian really wanted a darker light level in it.

Overall, the map is nice too look at… unfortunately like many other deathmatch levels, this is the only reason for its existence. If you want gameplay, get on another Dwango5 MAP01 server instead.

RuinDM: engraving
RuinDM: lighting error width=
RuinDM: outdoors
RuinDM: wooden beams