Finally it is done. From the minds of Paul Fleschute, Yashar Garibzadeh, Michael Watson, Nick Baker, his brother Daniel, and… myself. A ~17 level pre-release beta was released in Xmas of ’99 with progress slowing down soon after. For months the WAD sat on Nick’s hard drive waiting to be completed until finally he gave in and sent it to me. I fixed up most of the levels which existed and finished a couple more of my own to get a grand total of 32 deathmatch maps. Nick finished off the level graphics along with some more level fixes & new textures and now it’s here.

Included in the pack is 32 deathmatch levels for a Boom compatible port, such as ZDoom or CsDoom. The map paces range from insanity to mildly delicious. I think most people will really enjoy my MAP30, especially you Q3A buffs out there. Nick mostly went with small symmetrical maps with the rest following, for the most part. I tried to do a few non-symmetrical levels although I through in a few mirrored pattern ones. Hope you enjoy!

Q2base2 conversion
New brick textures
New twist on MAP01
Dark and spooky

Uh... dark and spooky