I recently got some mail from Richard Wiles, author of the Dickie and Spooky series’ along with Crusades and a mapper for The Darkening E2. He has an announcement to make:

I am currently compiling a doom2 wad of (so far) 5 SP and 3 DM maps. The Slayer will be a plain vanilla doom wad comprising of small but ultra-violent maps… maybe not quite HR2 standard but enough to give you a buzz. If you enjoyed the Dickies and the Crusades, well you ain’t seen nothing yet!

Ideally, I am aiming for at least 10 sp maps. I have avoided the use of source ports to reach the widest possible audience.

I am looking for some extra help from texture & music authors. Ola has retired, or so he tells me. Anyone out there care to join me? I’d also appreciate some help from talented mappers… (I know who you are)

Drop me a line if you are interested.

Richard Wiles

A couple people found a bug in SurgeDM 2 map03 where you can fall in a hole near the plasma gun which is caused by a bad nodes build. Nick should stop using Deep’s nodes builder. BSP or Zennode is all you need, baby! … so be checking the ID Games Archive for the updated version. Note that I’ve uploaded all the WADs in the textures section into the archive.