Welp, problems are still not fixed. Another person didn’t have success capturing screenshots in DCK so I doubt that it’s possible at all. (*cough* Tarin try programming a little exe to do this! *cough*) Someone suggested getting Display Doctor from SciTech which I think was linked from the Doom Legacy web site. Anyway, maybe I’ll try that to get VESA shite going. Note to Linguica: DETH has a horrible interface. End note to Linguica.

Despite what seems to be laziness on my part, I have been working hard on various Doom WADs including much progress on Crucified Dreams which will soon be ready for a small private beta test via CsDoom. I’ve also been working on Jägemörder2 and some other various stuff. I finished off all the levels of Surge 2 a month ago and all Nick Baker had to do was complete the intermission/level name graphics and release it. Maybe this post will pressure him to release Surge 2. 😉

I will also be releasing SacrificeDM Special Edition which will include all six SacrificeDM maps in one WAD and all of them will include some modifications to improve gameplay and visuals. The WAD will be designed with CsDoom in mind, so hopefully it’ll get thrown up on a server or two once it’s released.

Next week I’ll be finished my Real LifeTM job so then I’ll have more time to wrap levels, projects, etc. up. At the end of August I’ll be headed off to university in Ontario and I’m not sure what my computer situation will be there. Right now it looks like I’ll be using a crappy old P100 but I’m still not sure. I want a new computer damnit! 🙁