After a long wait, the Classic series is finally being continued. With past maps including work from Jan Van der Veken, Nick Baker, and Travers Dunne all of The Darkening team, Anthony Soto has released a worthy successor in the series.

As the previous levels in the series, this map was created in the Romero Doom E1 style with simplistic architecture and lighting which is still pleasing to the eye. A mix of windows and computers perfectly define a setting of a military base on Mars. The style is mostly hallways connecting to rooms which is what Doom does best. One of the first rooms is even reminiscent of Anthony’s MAP04 of The Darkening E2 with its skylight. The yellow key area reminds me of the original Doom’s E1M6 and also E1M3 of Dawn of the Dead by Jan Van der Veken with thin cement surrounded by nukage.

Gameplay-wise, enemies are well-placed with a mixture of former human troopers, sergeants, imps, and demons situated around every corner; some teleporting in to surprise you. Oops, I ruined the surprise. Unfortunately, this map is a little on the easy side. The enemy placement is very similar to Doom’s original E1’s with the weaker enemies in relatively small hordes. There was one occasion where I just stood in one spot and shot each imp teleporting in sequence one by one.

Final verdict: Good details and architecture capture the player’s attention, even runs under doom.exe (thus any port); but the level is fairly short and a breeze to fight through. Still an enjoyable experience.

Windows, lights, computer DOOM E1M6-ish