I have a new texture set for you, entitled Plantation Mansion by Crista Forest. There’s some nice stone trims in this one, check it. I’ve also added Erratic 1 by Jonathan Rimmer. Also on the agenda, I’ve reworked my Doom II MAP07 revamp to include new items placement and I also added more structures, details, and textures. Deadly Simplified v2.0 is one sweet new map. 🙂

Well Nick Baker has bugged me too much and I finally ‘finished’ this page and got his new map out. Nick’s new map is a deathmatch one, entitled MorbidDM2 : Flood Dead. He has said the map was inspired by Parallel Team‘s Fragfest Initialized and it’s quite a great map.

Tutorials, tutorials, tutorials. This one may get confusing to newbies, but I uploaded instructions on how to create a horizontal spinning fan in a ceiling vent such as Quake 2’s base2 map. Note that there still isn’t in-editor shots to ease the learning curve as I couldn’t find any screen capturing program that would work in DCK. Neither ScreenThief or Neograb worked correctly. I would appreciate if someone would send me links to other pure-DOS screen capturing programs that I could test out. Screenshots make my editing tutorials much easier because it’s more visual and practical.

dmdctf1.wad, the evil filename, is still not out. I heard awhile back that CsDoom was supposed to have CTF support in its next release but v0.6 didn’t include it so I’m not sure what I will do now. I know Nightfang is working on Doom Tournament which will have CTF support and Skull Tag already has CTF support however you must convert to the ZDoom format and do some scripting… not my thing. The map is currently compatible with Doombot4 alongside Captain Mellow’s great node-work; but bots get old very fast. I guess I’ll just wait it out although I would like to be the first Doom mapper to get a detailed CTF level out. 🙂

Over the past few months, I’ve downloaded too many Quake III Arena levels and I have a backup of about 200 quality maps to check out. Ouch. 🙂 I’ve also picked up the Deus Ex, Vampire (Dark Ages), and STV:Elite Forces demos… gotta check those out too. Have to buy some time first.